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Completed projects

Hami Canada project 11
Gaz Manzel soccer field completed
Miremad new school
Openning Ceremony 2_edited
SaharTousi opening ceremony
Project name
School capacity
Ali Norouzi Farsangi Junior High School
Baba Zeyd Village, Pol Dokhtar District, Lorestan Province, Iran
3 Classrooms: (Grades 7-9) + Office + Storage + Washrooms. 155 sq.
December 2021
Banou Lagha Parvin Technical/Vocational High School
Fars Province, Iran
12 Classrooms, offices, storage, and washrooms. 1225 Square Meters
October 2021
Batool Sayar Junior High school
Haji Abad, S. Khorasan Province, Iran
3 Classrooms (Grades 7-9) + Office + Shared washroom + Storage
November 2019
Computer Lab in India
Rishikesh, India
September 2019
Homa Rouhi Girls Technical/Vocational High Schoo
Narmashir Village, Kerman Province, Iran
6 Classrooms + 4 Workshops + Office + Washrooms + Storage. 1365 Sq. m. building.
February 2020
Hossein Fattahi Primary School
Golian village of Shirvan in North Khorasan province, Iran
3 Classrooms + Washrooms + Office. 207 Sq.m buildig
November 2021
Mehr 2
Gaz Manzel Village, Sistan & Balouchestan
4 Classroms + Office
December 2022
Mehr 3
Gaz Manzel, Sistan & Balouchestan
4 Classrooms + Library + Washrooms
September 2023
Mehr 4
Firuraq Rural District, District of Khoy County, West Azerbaijan
3 Classrooms + Office
December 2023
Mehr High School
Gaz Manzel Village, Sistan & Balouchestan Province, Iran
8 Classrooms + Office + Washrooms + Storage. 715 Sq.m. building + 1,025 Sq.m. schoolyard
November 2017
Noushinfar Primary School
District of Tabar of Jajram in North Khorasan province, Iran
375 Sq.m. building
May 2022
Robab Sayar Library
Haji Abad, S. Khorasan Province, Iran
October 2020
Robab Sayar high school
Haji Abad, S. Khorasan Province, Iran
6 Classrooms (Grades 10-12) + Office + Shared washroom + Storage
November 2019
Sahar Tousi Girls Junior High School
Sooran, Kahnooj District, Kerman Province, Iran
3 Classrooms + Office + Storage + Washroom. 260 Sq. m. building.
November 2021
Scholarship for indigenous students
December 2021
Soccer Field
Gaz Manzel Village, Sistan & Balouchestan Province, Iran
Stadium and facilities
May 2022
Teacher's Residence
Gaz Manzel, Sistan & Balouchestan
4 Suites
September 2023
Vahideh Hakkak Technical/Vocational Girls High School
Mehregan Township, Alborz Province, Iran
9 Classrooms + 3 workshops (Grades 10-12) + Office + Washrooms + Storage. 1738 Sq. m. building.
November 2019

Completed projects

Mehr 4


Hami Canada has completed building a new three-classroom primary school in the Khoy region, offering a ray of hope for these resilient young minds. Education is a powerful tool that can help them rebuild their lives, overcome adversity, and shape a brighter future.

Mehr4 schoolHamiCanada.jpg

Teacher's Residence

In collaboration with generous donors, Hami Canada has completed constructing a four-suite Teacher's Residence in Gazmanzel. This facility provides a modern and inviting residence for teachers and their families, which improves teacher retention in this remote village.

Teacher's Residence-1.jpg

Mehr 3

In collaboration with generous donors, Hami Canada has completed constructing a high school for boys in Gazmanzel. This four-classroom school is built to replace the existing aged school. This project is the third school Hami Canada has built in this remote village in Sistan and Balouchestan.


Mehr 2

We think it is always an encouraging sign when a school runs out of classroom space meaning more and more students want to attend school. This is exactly what happened at Mehr High School in Gaz Manzel. Hami Canada has initiated a new project to address this issue and add more capacity to this school.

Mehr 2-303.jfif

Gaz Manzel Soccer Field

As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

That has always been at the core of Hami Canada’s objectives to go beyond the brick-and-mortar facet of building schools by addressing the many needs of students for growth and development.

we have now built a soccer field with your support to promote healthy recreational and physical activities for the local youth.

Gaz Manzel Soccer Field-2022-06-17-13-17-12.jpg

Noushinfar School

This school provides 375 square meters of educational facilities in six classrooms/workshops.


This facility is built in the remote village of Tabar, in Jajram county of North Khorasan.  

Hami Canada project 11.jpg

Ali Norouzi Farsangi Junior High School

In the Lorestan Province of Iran, nearly all infrastructure, including schools, was destroyed by the flood in the spring of 2019 leaving thousands of students without schools.  Hami Canada has built a junior high school to address the need of some of the students in this region.


Golian, also known as Gellian, is a primitive village lacking many essential services including a school.

Hossein Fattahi Primary School project is very special as it will not only offer educational opportunities to these children in a safe and accessible environment, it will also honour a life-long educator and teacher. 


Banou Lagha Parvin Technical/Vocational High School 

This school has 1,225 Square meters of educational facilities in 12 classrooms and will accommodate students in various technical & vocational fields of study.


Scholarship for indigenous students

As global citizens, our team at Hami Canada believes in addressing the educational needs of young people worldwide within our capacity. However, we also owe a debt of gratitude to our adopted country, Canada, for allowing us to grow and succeed through our expertise and hard work. 


Sahar Tousi Girls Junior High School

Hami Canada was the first proud sponsor of Sahar Tousi, the Iranian female cyclist who is raising awareness about the importance of education for girls. 

SaharTousi opening ceremony.jpg

Homa Rouhi Girls Technical/Vocational High School

This school is built in memory of a woman who had dedicated her life’s work to women’s right and was committed to girls’ empowerment through education.


Small towns in South Khorasan Province of Iran, facing a shortage of classrooms due to influx of migrant farmers, prompted Hami Canada to raise funds and build this school to address educational needs in the area.


Batool Sayar Junior High School

Another project in South Khorasan Province of Iran, to address educational needs in the area.


One of the best ways to support students is to provide easy access to a library. Now the students at this school have one


Not only education, but girls’ education is a priority for Hami Canada.  It is also vital that girls learn the skills that would empower them to become financially independent and contribute to the economic viability of their families and communities.


Hami Canada’s first major project was this school in the village of Gaz Manzel in Sistan & Balouchestan Province which opened in the fall of 2018 and continues to receive support through an ongoing Educational Support Program.


As Hami Canada expanded its scope of reach, the first project undertaken was supporting computer literacy in early grades at Mother Miracle School in Rishikesh, India.

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