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Gaz Manzel Soccer Field  



As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”.

And that has always been at the core of Hami Canada’s objectives:


  • Go beyond the brick-and-mortar facet of building schools by addressing the many needs of students for growth and development

  • Incorporate social and physical activities in addition to academics

  • Engage the community in local projects

Hami Canada’s projects in GazManzel (Sistan & Balouchestan) are a testament to our belief. In addition to building a high school with an expansion underway, providing educational support programs for students, school staff, and parents, we are now building a soccer field to promote healthy recreational and physical activities for the local youth.


Hami Canada in collaboration with local residents, and your support, is planning to 


Turn this:


Bare feet and gravel don't diminish their love of soccer or the need to be active. Can you imagine the smile on the faces of the young people who will get to play on a proper soccer field?

To this:

You, individually or as a group, can participate in this worthwhile project by helping us cover some of the cost.

Gaz Manzel soccer field completed.png

How many blocks, how many bags, or how long fencing will you contribute?

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