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Location: Narmashir Village, Kerman Province, Iran

Start Date: August 2023

Completion: Estimated to be completed by 4th quarter of 2024

Capacity: 50 Students

Dormitory Area: 561 Sq.m. building 
Project number: 16

We are elated to announce the development of a new student residence adjacent to Homa Rouhi's Vocational School, made possible by the generous donation from Homa Rouhi's family. Recognizing the challenges faced by girls travelling to attend the school, this initiative underscores our commitment to nurturing a conducive learning environment for all. The residence is a beacon of hope, empowering young girls to pursue education without worrying about accommodation. We are deeply grateful to the Rouhi family for their unwavering support and vision for a brighter future for our students. Join us in celebrating this milestone and investing in the dreams of our young learners.

Homa Rouhi Student Residence

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