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Educational Support Program Campaign

We don’t just build schools; we continue to support our students in these schools through offering interventions that can ensure better outcomes and success for the individual student and the broader community. 


Get involved in the life of the schools you helped build. This is one way you can help.


Educational Support Program in Schools Built by Hami Canada


Project Details:

  • Initial Assessment of school, students, parents & school staff;

  • Compiling a community profile to identify needs;

  • Literacy training workshops for teachers;

  • Enhanced literacy support for students – fast-tracking for students with limited literacy;

  • Literacy program for parents where needed;

  • Improving computer and online training for teachers;

  • Coaching & counselling training workshops for teachers;

  • Parent/teacher/student involvement and cooperation workshops;

  • Development of community-based collaborative activities;

  • Measuring outcomes of each component & assessing success rate.



  • Each school will be part of this project for three school years.  



  • $4,000 per year, per school

  • Includes transportation to and from the area for trainers, their living accommodations, and food

  • Salary of specialized personnel & trainers

  • Books, supplies, equipment


You, individually or as part of a group, can bring these supports and services to students, teachers, and a community where better outcomes for a better future become possible. 

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