This school provides 375 suqre meters of educational facilities in six classrooms/workshops.


This facility will be built in the remote village of Tabar, in Jajram county of North Khorasan.  

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Scholarship for indigenous students

As global citizens, our team at Hami Canada believes in addressing the educational needs of young people worldwide within our capacity. However, we also owe a debt of gratitude to our adopted country, Canada, for allowing us to grow and succeed through our expertise and hard work. 

To this end, Hami Canada has initiated the sponsorship of two scholarships to deserving indigenous students at George Brown College in Toronto starting in the fall of 2021. 


Providing healthy recreational and physical activity is an effective way to prevent the youth of a community from engaging in destructive habits and negative behaviour.

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We think it is always an encouraging sign when a school runs out of classroom space meaning more and more students want to attend school. This is exactly what happened at Mehr High School in Gaz Manzel. Hami Canada has initiated a new project to address this issue and add more capacity to this school.



In the Lorestan Province of Iran, nearly all infrastructure including schools were destroyed by the flood in the spring of 2019 leaving thousands of students without schools.  Hami Canada is building a junior high school to address the need of some of the students.


Educational Support Program


Hami Canada is committed to supporting learning for students in its schools through intervention programs that include the student, the teacher, and the community. Join us in this journey.