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Hami Canada Project # 9

Location: Golian village of Shirvan in North Khorasan province, Iran 

Start Date: June 2021

Completion: November 2021

Facilities: 3 Classrooms + Washrooms + Office

School Area: 207 Sq.m. Building 
School Capacity: 80

While Golian, also known as Gellian, located in North Khorasan, is exceptionally beautiful with an untouched natural environment which many believe could become one of the leading destinations for eco-tourists in the near future, it is a primitive village lacking many essential services, including a school.

Therefore, the children in this beautiful location have not had the opportunity to attend school in their village. Hossein Fattahi Primary School project is very special as it will not only offer educational opportunities to these children in a safe and accessible environment, it will also honour a lifelong educator and teacher. 

This project which started in June 2021, achieved its ambitious goal to open the school by winter 2021. 


Project name
School capacity
Hossein Fattahi Primary School
Golian village of Shirvan in North Khorasan province, Iran
3 Classrooms + Washrooms + Office. 207 Sq.m buildig
November 2021
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