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Location: Gaz Manzel Village, Sistan & Balouchestan Province, Iran 

Start Date: January 2023

Completion: September 2023

Facilities: 4 Residential suits

Residence Area: 240 Sq.m. Building 
Project number: 15

​Providing clean and livable spaces for teachers who come to work in remote villages ensures that they can teach with ease of mind and a sense of feeling valued and appreciated. Hami Canada, in its work (mission) to enhance and promote education in remote regions, has completed the construction of a small residential complex consisting of 4 suites in the village of Gazmanzel in the Sistan/Baloochestan province. We believe this project is necessary from a practical standpoint and a gesture that acknowledges the value of teachers and their vital role in education. Join us in this worthy endeavor.

Teacher's Residence

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