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Location: Gaz Manzel Village, Sistan & Balouchestan Province, Iran 

Start Date: August 2020

Completion: December 2022.

Facilities: 4 Classrooms (Addition to existing) + Library + Washrooms (Addition to existing)

School Area: 240 Sq.m. Building + 175 Sq.m. Green area
School Capacity: 130 (In addition to existing capacity)

Project number: 12

​The Mehr High School expansion project was initiated in the fall of 2020. After completing the design phase, the expansion contract was signed to build 4 additional classrooms, an office, and washroom facilities in the existing area of the original high school. This meant cost savings for the outdoor space and other school amenities. The expansion was completed in December 2022, providing high school education to one hundred thirty more students. We have also started constructing another school, Mehr 3, to offer much-needed education for boys.

Meanwhile, we continue to support the students and staff in addressing some of their needs regarding school supplies, access to technology, and sports equipment.

Mehr 2 High School

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