Robab Sayar High School & Batool Sayar Junior High School

Location: Haji Abad, S. Khorasan Province, Iran
Start Date: Fall 2018
Completion Date: Nov. 2019

1- Robab Sayar high school
   Facilities:  6 Classrooms (Grades 10-12) + Office + Shared washroom + Storage
   School Area: 709 Sq. m.
   Scool Capacity: 260

   Project Number: 3


2- Batool Sayar Junior High school
   Facilities:  3 Classrooms (Grades 7-9) + Office + Shared washroom + Storage
    School Area: 256 Sq. m.
   Scool Capacity: 120

   Project Number: 4


Both schools are sharing the playground and washrooms.
Haji Abad a small rural community near the city of Birjand in the South Khorasan Province of Iran is a rapidly growing area because of the influx of farmers whose lands are affected by severe drought. They are abandoning farming and migrating to areas closer to cities.


This rapid growth has put a great deal of strain on the area’s infrastructure, particularly schools of the nearby cities. Large numbers of students are crammed into very small spaces with inadequate ventilation and lighting; making teaching and learning extremely difficult. As well, adequate space and accessibility in terms of distance which parents consider safe for girls to commute, are obstacles preventing them from attending school.

Now that the construction of these 2 schools for girls is completed, 300 students, who otherwise would end their education in Grade 6, have been able to attend high school since September of 2019.