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Hami Canada Art Exhibitions by Padideh Hashemi

Fundraising art exhibitions

Padideh Hashemi completed her education in Journalism, Social Communication and Graphic Design. She pursued her passion at "The School of Art and Literature" and received a master's certificate from Iran's Association of Calligraphers.

Art today, in general, and painting in particular, does not adhere to a specific style; what occurs is an amalgamation of styles.  Padideh Hashemi’s style is a vivid example of this phenomenon.  We cannot point to a specific style in her work. But overall, we can say that she is a figurative artist where “man” is the centre of her quest. Her style is simple and avoids details and margins to reach the meaning.  While this is not necessarily a specific deep spiritual meaning, it is, however, one about “man” and his /her big and small concerns and preoccupations.  To put it simply, the simplicity and brevity while avoiding a multitude of colours, is a testament to her background as a graphist.


It must be said that today’s calligraphic painting also demands an Avant-guard approach, especially for artists who want to move with the times. Persian calligraphy, an art form embedded in literature and religion, is no exception. This holds true for today’s artists in this field as well.  They are driving this art form towards the abstract and pure by merging traditional calligraphy with principles of aesthetics.  They have eliminated the essence of the union of “meaning” and “literature” from calligraphy and moved into the realm of the abstract, an instrument for the use of visual artistic elements such as line, dot, contrast, texture, composition… to showcase it as a singular and pure artform.


Padideh Hashemi too, as a contemporary calligraphist, with her deep attachment to the traditional elegant calligraphic style of “Nastaligh,” strives to use the broken line quality of this style to develop an abstract framework of the calligraphic painting.


Her work can be best described as an attempt at “renewal” in the context of the present day. She has presented her work at many domestic and international exhibitions and festivals.

This fundraising exhibitions celebrates her art in support of children's education.

These past exhibitions  were held during the "Dance for Laughs" event. and at "A Window to a Dream" by Golrokh Aminian.

Our  next exhibition will be held during the 2023. Tirgan festival .

Fundraising Proceeds

All proceeds will go toward providing educational support programs to schools built by Hami Canada. 

Artist: Padideh Hashemi

Location: Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

First exhibition date: Saturday, July 9, 2022, from 7:30 to 11:00 PM

Second exhibition date: Friday, September 23rd, from  6:30 to 10:00 PM

Third Exhibition dates:  July 21 to 23rd, 2023, at Harbourfront Center -Tirgan Festival, booth 5

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