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Education Volunteer

About the Role

We are looking for volunteer educators to support Hami Canada in development of education materials and workshops that can be offered online or delivered by our partners locally.
This volunteer position will work with our board of directors to identify, design and develop programs that will be offered at no cost to students, educators and families.

About Hami Canada

Hami Canada was registered in 2017 as a not-for-profit organization in Canada with the following vision and mission.


Raise public awareness about the need for accessible and adequate educational and cultural spaces for children in remote and underdeveloped areas of the world and foster and nurture volunteer work, especially among young people, and encourage empathy for the less fortunate.


• Construction of schools in deprived regions;
• Support students and up-keep of schools and provision of school supplies;
• Build libraries and supply books in rural areas and promote reading;
• Provide sports supplies and facilities to support the health and wellness of students;
• Conduct scientific, vocational, health & wellness, and recreational workshops.


We are looking for dedicated educators with relevant education and experience that want to make a difference in children's lives.

The education and learning development volunteers will be involved in all facets of learning and development, from needs analysis and design to delivery and evaluation.

Position Accountabilities

  • design and deliver a variety of high-quality education and workshops

  • Facilitate various types of in-class and web-based learning sessions

  • Assist in the development, analysis and maintenance of all relevant learning resources and materials

  • Collect and analyze feedback with a continuous improvement mindset

Education and Experience

  • University Degree and/or College Certificate in Adult Education, Curriculum Design, or connected disciplines or related field

  • Demonstrated ability of instructional design theories, methodologies and best practices, including knowledge of the complete learning development cycle and interactive teaching methods

  • Excellent knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GSuite and Google Meet

  • Demonstrated ability to learn new applications or different software

  • Experience in curriculum design and as a trainer/coach/facilitator, as well as delivering training within the e-learning environment

  • Volunteer work experience

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