• Raise public awareness about the need for accessible and adequate educational and cultural spaces for children in remote and underdeveloped areas of the world;

  • Empower girls to reach their full potential to earn their livings, which will benefit families and the economic growth of their communities and countries;

  • Support the work of global organizations involved with children’s education through fundraising initiatives in Canada and the Greater Toronto Area in particular;

  • To foster and nurture volunteer work, especially among young people, and encourage empathy for the less fortunate;

  • To promote the spirit of generosity as a means of achieving personal well-being;

  • To expand the work of Hami Canada globally.


Primary Objectives:

  • Construction of schools in deprived regions;

  • Support students and up-keep of schools and provision of school supplies;

  • Build libraries and supply books in rural areas and promote reading;

  • Provide sports supplies and facilities to support the health and wellness of students;

  • Train teachers and administrators;

  • Provide scholarships for post-secondary education.